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We Are Here Now

(quantity pricing available)


Dwelling in the Word

(quantity pricing available)


Crossing the Bar

(quantity pricing available)



Talking About
Our Faith

Normally $8.00
Reduced to $6.00


Small Church Small Group Guide

Normally $30.00
Reduced to $10.00



But Is It All True?

Normally $18.00
Reduced to $9.00


The Island's Island
and Tours and Trouble

$7.99 each or
both for $13.00




To Teach, To Delight
and To Move



Leadership From
Inside Out



Church FutureFinder

$70.00 (full access
account and User's

$20.00 (User's Guide




$5.00 (for 10)
$40.00 (for 100)


2007 Aus Lectures
by Patrick Keifert -
2 DVD Set

Normally $10.00
Reduced to $5.00


Worship and
Evangelism for
Shy Christians -
2 VHS Set

Normally $50.00
Reduced to $25.00



Jim Johnson's Album
The Father's Heart

$10.00 (cassette)
$15.00 (CD)


Jim Johnson's Album
Real Life

$10.00 (cassette)
$15.00 (CD)


The Ending of Mark
and the Ends of God